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Canadian Credit Rebuilding

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Credit Rebuilding - A Comprehensive Guide

Get a complete, comprehensive understanding of why and how to establish good credit. The Credit Rebuilding Guide is packed with 26 pages of information to help you understand how credit works in Canada, how to establish it, how to maintain it and how to rebuild it.
Credit Rebuilding

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In the Credit Rebuilding Guide you'll learn about...

Canadian Credit Reports

We'll show you an actual Credit Report which is one of the KEY elements in determining your credit. Like a fingerprint your credit report is unique to you and plays an important role in your life when it comes to your personal credit. You are judged by it, your credit is controlled by it so, understanding it makes it one of the most important pieces of information about you that is available. Take control today. Learn more

Bankruptcy in Canada

There are times due to unforeseen circumstances where bankruptcy cannot be avoided including divorce, an illness to you or a loved one, lack of insurance or seriously over extended credit. When considering entering bankruptcy it is important to know that your bankruptcy remains on your credit bureau for ten years. The credit accounts that were discharged under bankruptcy can remain on your credit file for seven. Learn more

What is Credit Counselling?

Credit counselling is a service that helps people get out of debt. Counsellors assist with setting up a realistic budget you can maintain. The credit counseling organization will consolidate your debt and you will make monthly payments to the organization and they will pay your creditors. They will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and try to receive a lower interest rate (interest relief) as well as perhaps waive some of the creditors extra fees. Learn more

Dealing with Collection Agencies in Canada

A collection agent collects outstanding debt on behalf of the business you are dealing with. A collection agency needs the authorization from the creditor you are dealing with, in order to collect on this debt.

If you do owe a debt it is always better to try and make payment arrangements with the creditor, so the creditor will have an option other than assigning a credit agent. In most cases a creditor would prefer to make arrangements with you to collect on monies owed. They may offer to take smaller payments or provide interest relief. Learn more

Rebuilding Good Credit in Canada

Getting through life these days can be difficult. Good credit is essential for buying a home, renting an apartment obtaining a credit card, even purchasing a phone.

How long will it take to rebuild your credit? Each person’s situation is unique. It will depend on how much damage has been done. For instance a few late payments in the past might be over looked by your lender. Someone who has declared bankruptcy will have to work a little harder and longer to get there. It can be done with just a little determination. Staying on track with your payments is the foundation of rebuilding your credit. Learn more

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